What We Do


How You Move was founded in early 2017. With a passion for community engagement and education, they are set out to bridge the gap between the public and professionals in all areas of sport, recreation, health and wellness. 

Making resources and information more accessible to recreation and sport coaches, parents and even adults themselves, can benefit the population as a whole and inspire us to become healthier individuals. 

How You Move is also interested in working with you! Please inquire within if you are interested in collaborating with us! 

Photo by FatCamera/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by FatCamera/iStock / Getty Images

About Me


Grace Dafoe holds a degree in Health and Physical Education, with a major in physical literacy from Mount Royal University. After learning about physical literacy in her first year, she turned her self into a case study as a former early specialized athlete. She went back to basics in the gym and re-trained her fundamental movement skills. She is known for her knowledge of physical literacy, educating on the benefits of physical activity and advocating for females in sport.

She is also a Canadian Skeleton athlete on the National Development Team. She started skeleton in the year 2012 after retiring from figure skating, in which she was an early specializer. Grace has competed on numerous North American and European tracks in skeleton and is slowly climbing the ranks of a strong Canadian women’s skeleton team.

Her claim to fame is always being early, her community work, and her love for her dog Ivy. Above all else, she describes herself as human, the most important title in her eyes.