What do we do now? / by Grace Dafoe

Sorry for the stagnant blog posting! 

Life has caught up, camps are in full swing and to be honest, my brain is also on summer break. 

I've spent many nights wondering what kind of blog this is going to be. So heres a quick summary of how I like to do things, if you haven't followed my athlete blog before. 

I DO: 

  • Pull from my personal experiences and readings 
  • Speak my Mind 
  • Have an open mind to critique and criticisms 
  • Keep up with current events and happenings in sport, recreation, PL, PE, etc, etc. I spend a lot of my day seeing what others are reading in the industry and find the article, book or podcast! 


  • Generally cite specific quotes and/or write about articles I've read. Occasional podcast or book review I'm sure, but I don't like to get caught up on some study or cherry picked stats. Thats just not me! 
  • Mean to offend or cut down others in the industry - we are all here to grow! 

So with that quick list, you can choose to follow or not, that is totally okay! I've been stressed out knowing that I'm not one of those research people who will cite stats and such, but I am here to bring my experiences, my perspectives. 

The ultimate goal is to turn this site into a resource that directs you to all sort of other created resources, training, and such related to the industry. Of course, also a community that is inspired to move each day and practice what they preach! 

So look forward to more here, but thats all for now.